Gas & Petroleum Hauling

Penn Tank Lines safely delivers
high-risk essentials while
safeguarding our environment

We are proud to be recognized as a SmartWay Carrier for our commitment to the environment.

We use AI to ensure the safety of our drivers and the community.

Our drivers are certified and recertified regularly on the safe handling of hazardous materials.

Our delivery routes are optimized to reduce our carbon footprint.

How we transport our materials matters to our planet. That’s why we are part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s voluntary SmartWay program.

We are committed to:

Petroleum Hauling

Tracking, documenting, and sharing information about fuel use and freight emissions.

Gas hauling

Using operational strategies to improve our operations and reduce our environmental impact.

Gas and petroleum hauling

Developing tactics to offset environmental risk and reduce freight transportation-related emissions.

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Proud to be a SmartWay Carrier

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